Friday, September 17, 2010

Labor Day in Del Mar, CA

We spent the week of Labor Day in Del Mar. After one whole week of school, we decided we needed some time off! Our good friends the Biesinger's joined us for the weekend. (Which is where all these beautiful pics came from - thanks Lillie!)
We relaxed, ate yummy food, went to the beach, played games, went to Old Town and enjoyed being together. Can't wait for next time. We've missed our friends!

Ryan took the girls to their first baseball game. They liked the Padres so much they wanted to go back! Laney and I joined in on the fun the following night.

We went to Belmont Park and Kail rode the Giant Dipper. Mia needs to grow a few more inches, but was happy with the Carousel.

And now we're back. . . .to school and work and soccer and swim team and laundry and cooking dinner. Ugh.

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