Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Kail started Kindergarten this year! Her teacher is Mrs. Orduno. She was so excited and has loved everything about her first week. This girl loves to try new things and meet new friends. (Which makes it so easy on me!) She already asked to buy hot lunch so she could look for her older friends in the cafeteria (although I think she realized after she got it that Mom's lunch is much tastier). When Ryan asked her how her lunch was, she responded simply with "Yuck." It is hard to believe she is so old! Mia started Preschool (a couple days late because she had a cold). She has the same teacher (Ms. Kristin) who she loves. Mia insists upon me packing her a lunch everyday just like her big sister. She doesn't need it at school, but it works because she eats in the car on our way to pick up Kail! She loves being back with her friends. Hooray for school!


We celebrated with Hallie on her birthday at Disneyland. We're so excited to spend more time there now that Fall is approaching and it's not so hot and busy! We had a fun last day before school starts!

Carlsbad August 2009

We had a quick weekend in Carlsbad. All this working in Corona has given Ryan lots of free hotel nights! We love getting out of the heat and love the beach even more.

Gymnastics August 2009

The girls started gymnastics and LOVE it. It is always a countdown till Wednesday afternoon. I'll have to get some shots of them in action!

Del Mar 2009

Carlsbad 2009

The Beach July 2009

This pretty much sums up July. . . . we spent a month at the beach! We spent the first two weeks with the Rogers family in Carlsbad and the second two weeks with the Smith family in Del Mar. It was lots of digging, swimming, eating, shopping, reading, movie watching, playing, Shamu sighting, and all around fun! We loved our month away. . . . we'll probably never be able to swing that again! :)

Dance Recital June 2009

Kail's Preschool Graduation June 2009

Kail officially graduated from Tiny Tots! It was all the pomp and circumstance a 5 year old could want. We of course ate it all up! She also had a surprise guest. . . .Grandma Rogers! Next step, Kindergarten!

Slippin' and Slidin' June 2009

This was a fun Saturday. However, it was short lived. Ryan and I checked the instructions after it burst. . . . we should never have been racing on a Slip and Slide with a 100 lb weight limit!

Camping May 2009

Easter Celebrations April 2009

This is why I should lock my Office door ....March 2009

Star Student February 2009

Kail was Star Student of the week in Preschool. She loved having 'Teddy' spend the weekend with us and sit on the 'golden chair'. Yeah for our little star!

Feeding the Ducks February 2009

On our non-Preschool days we loved to go to the La Quinta Library and check out books. Afterwards we would feed the ducks (and sometimes ourselves).