Friday, October 3, 2008

Turtle Ponds & Disneyland

The day after Mia's birthday we headed to LA and stayed a night in our beloved Pasadena. Ryan had an event that night at USC he attended and I was working in LA the next day. Our first stop in Pasadena was Pie and Burger. It was yards from where we lived and has the tastiest burgers and pie for dessert. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of my homemade boysenberry pie with mounds of whipped cream on top. Delish. After eating, we stopped by Cal Tech's campus where we visited 'the turtles'. This was one of our favorite spots to walk with the girls. They love the turtles and the fish and I used to love that there was such easy, free entertainment within walking distance. If only we could have had the Westover's with us it would have been perfect! Then we dropped Ryan off at the train station and the girls and I did a little shopping. Mia had some birthday money (thank you Tanner's and Maynard's) and she picked out a head to toe purple outfit from The Children's Place. That girls knows what she likes. Then we walked a mere 200 ft. (or so, I've never really counted) to our old place. Kail of course remembered the pink condo we lived in with the crazy green stair rails and the oh so retro vibe. Mia was only a baby there, but she thought it was cool. . . . I mean how could she not, everything was pink. I must say it was hard to visit and not stay. Fall feels like Fall in Pasadena. The cool weather, football season, changing leaves, the cute little houses with pumpkins out front. . . . . sigh. Then we headed to the hotel. The girls continue to think that pull out couch beds are the coolest things ever. Go figure.
We woke up early and went to eat at Russell's for breakfast. (We tried to cram all our favorites into less than 24 hours) Then we headed to LA. I dropped the kids off to Disneyland with Ryan. (I should probably just say Super Dad. . . I continue to be really impressed with his willingness to take two kids all day to Disney. . . it's hard for me to do! And he took pictures!) That was of course the highlight of the trip and they loved every minute of being with their Dad!


Megan said...

How Fun!! It is always so fun to visit old stomping grounds.
I can't believe how old Mia looks. She is getting so big.
Of course you threw such a super cute party. You are so amazing at that. You are amazing at a lot but decorating. You just got it girl. Smile.
I miss you guys. Wish Brook could of been there.

Kim said...

I remember walking with Kail to see the turtles when Mia was born!Gotta Love Pasadena. Did you knock on any of your neighbors doors and say Hi?j/k You've had a busy last few months! See you next week!!!

Renee said...

Mmmm, Pie and Burger! I still have dreams about that fresh peach pie! I miss being so close to Disney, I can't believe we were lucky enough to go once a week (sometimes more) for so long. It takes a little more effort now days.

Shannon said...

Oh so fun. My sister Jamie and her husband just moved to Pasadena in Aug. because he started dental school at USC. I hear all the fun things she is doing and we all get a little jealous that she goes to Disneyland for FHE! Your girls are so cute and tell Ryan we said Happy Birthday! I cant believe how old we are all getting!