Sunday, October 5, 2008

Star Student of the Week

Mia was selected as the Star Student of the Week in her preschool class last week. She was so excited! Some of the perks of being the 'star student' include:
-Sitting in the gold chair all week
-Making a poster for everyone to learn about you
-Taking Teddy home for a visit and recording in a journal about your adventures
-Wearing the 'star student' visor

I know, I know pretty cool stuff. We made the poster for Mia and here are her favorites:
Color: pink
Animal: dog
Food: peanut butter sandwich (we're so gourmet)
Book: Pinkalicious
Sport: swimming
Thing to do in school: play at the park
Thing to do at home: play with my dog Rosie
Favorite Princess: Cindarella
Favorite Movie: Camp Rock (yeah, she really did say that)


Renee said...

That is Cute. Congratulations Mia!

Holly said...

I love her!!!, but I think that I have menbtioned that to you times.