Monday, September 29, 2008

. . . Even Myself

Kail loves to write. She is always asking, "Mom, how do you spell 'love'?" ,"Mom, how do you spell 'Anderson' (the name of her baby doll)?" She loves it all. Well the other day she asked me, "Mom, how do you spell 'even myself'?" I spelled it out E, V, E. . . "Kail what are you writing?" I asked. She said that she would show me in a minute. I proceeded to give her the rest of the letters. When she was finished she had written this:

Translation for those of you who don't speak or write 'Kail'. "I love Mom, Dad, Mia, Rosie, I love Smith's. . . even myself". She was so proud of this declaration and had it taped to her dresser for a week. I have thought about it a lot since and have realized that she is already learning at such a young age the one thing I really want her to know. Of course I want her to love her family and to love others. But most importantly I want her to love herself too.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

1st Day of Preschool!

All I have to say is. . . better late than never. The girls LOVE school and have been going for several weeks now. I knew Kail was excited, but I didn't realize quite how excited Mia was! She had been watching Kail go to Tiny Tots for so long and she was so happy to have her chance! (Despite the grumpy look in the photo above outside of school with Kail and our carpooling buddy Kameron. She was mad that we had to stop to take a picture.) Mia hardly said goodbye to me as she promptly walked over to her teacher and began to play with her Play Dough. Hooray for school!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Del Mar, CA one last hurrah. . . .

We had a super time in Del Mar with our friends the Biesinger's. (As many of you kmow, Lillie is an amazing blogger and has documented this trip many posts ago.) My blogging skills however, are mediocre at best. I am just oh so happy that she was the designated photographer of the trip, because now I have all of these great photos! Thanks Lillie. Please bear with me on the quantity, I clearly had a tough time choosing. Good times, great friends. . . .it doesn't get much better!