Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally. . . . wedding pictures

When we were in San Diego, Reagan and Cassie were kind enough to share their wedding pictures with us. I copied them onto my computer and here they are for your viewing pleasure. (Since I didn't take anything great myself!) Unfortunately kids will be kids and mine were not into smiling. Except, of course, when they were running around playing! (Photos by Mark Mabry).


Kym said...

What a beautiful looking family! I love all the coordinating clothes. Everyone looks great. Your dress is awesome!! Your girls look great, too, even without the smiles.

Kristine Thompson said...

Hey Kodi,

So funny small world.. Cassie is one of Brittneys (my little sister) best friends. Beautiful pictures I love her dress!

Brooke said...

Pretty pictures....and my don't you match those little girls dresses perfectly!

Lillie said...

Wow-- I really am behind... but you always make me look EXTRA behind by posting a couple of posts in one day. Cheater.

What beautiful pictures. That family one of you guys is too perfect, everyone with great hair, matching color scheme... perfect. Christmas card photo???

And do I remember you mentioning something about borrowing that beautiful dress you were wearing??? I can't imagine in a million years it'd fit. But maybe you should tell me what size it is at least. It's SO much prettier than hot pink lycra.

Megan said...

Wow. How beautiful are those pics along with you. You look amazing. Seriously. Ryan is a lucky man. You tell him I said that.
Love her colors too.