Sunday, June 1, 2008

Reagan's Wedding and our trip to AZ

Here are some pictures from Ryan's brother Reagan's wedding to Cassie Doane on May 15th. I am embarassed to say I don't have a single photo of the bride and groom. I guess I just figured that the photographer had it covered! The same goes for photos of Ryan and I. . . . we really were there! I guess just after taking all the family photos with the photographer, taking pics with my camera seemed unnecessary. Oh well. Once we get the family pics I'l have to post them. The wedding dinner and reception were both really beautiful. Here's pictures of the girls with their cousins Melanie and Colette, Gus and Moranda and Grandpa Smith.


The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Is Kail wearing hair extensions? Her hair looks so long in that last picture.

Jennifer said...

I love the last picture! They looks so cute in their dresses and bows. I love those dresses!