Sunday, June 1, 2008


Not really sure why I do this. . . . but now I have so much to blog about, it seems like I'll never get through it all. Get ready for a slew of posts. I've got a lot of pics and lots to report (unfortunately it's probably only going to be the Reader's Digest version)! Here's some pictures of the girls in the sprinklers. This was one of the evenings on our first of many days over 100 degrees. SO MUCH to look forward to. :)

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Lillie said...

Hooray I found them. Apparently I hadn't scrolled down all the way. Sorry that "the picture" was enough to distract me from all these new posts! Glad you documented the rain, I didn't. I'm not even sure I remember it. It seems like it was over in the blink of an eye. Blasted desert.

The girls' dresses are SO cute, I'll have to imagine how lovely the bride and groom and you two looked. :) Better documentation next time please.

Good posting, keep 'em coming.