Friday, June 20, 2008

Mia's Obsession

You would think that after 6 months, the obsession would end. But it hasn't. In fact today made it clear to me that Mia and Rosie are bonded together in a way that most kids and dogs are not. I was upstairs mopping the floors when I heard Kail shriek, "Mom, come look at Mia!". This happens often and it's usually accompanied by something like: Mia and the dog in the sink with bubbles and handsoap or Mia and the dog in a big pile of dirt or Mia and the dog in a puddle of water. You get the idea. She's that kind of a girl. But today was a new one. Today Mia decided to be like Rosie. A little too much. I ran downstairs and found Mia cheeks stuffed full and hands digging in to Rosie's dog treats. Yeah, she wasn't licking them, or sniffing them, she was eating them like they were chocolate chip cookies (which she is also obsessed with). I asked her to spit them out and explained that they were so yucky. She just looked at me and said, "no they're not, they're yummy." (Which may in fact be the case as I had succumbed to buying Trader's Joe's all natural dog treats. Pretty sure she found the peanut butter flavor.) Whatever. Gross. Really gross.

Preschool Festivities

Kail finished up Preschool last week. That week was bitter-sweet. She has one of those birthdays. The birthdays that are a week and a half away from letting you go to kindergarten. Kail really wants to go to kindergarten. All of Kail's friends are going to kindergarten. But, we have to wait another year.
Kail was a little troubled that she didn't get to wear the graduation hat and gown and stroll to the graduation song. It also didn't help so much that she was sandwiched in between the two smallest kids in school for the performance. Oh well. She had a fun time and loved signing the words to the Pocahantas song "Colors of the Wind" and dancing to the "Monkey Mambo". It was really cute and we were really proud. Kail was beaming when she saw that her Dad had made it. She really is a daddy's girl.
The good news for Kail is that she will be the oldest kid in preschool (and all the subsequent years of school after). And she will have her little sister there next year to play with on the playground. I think she's decided that kindergarten can wait a year.
Kail was also the Student of the Week on the last week of school. Every Monday she would come home and proudly proclaim who was the current Student of the Week. She would tell me all about their favorites. It was a pretty big deal to her. Her turn finally came and this is what she said:
Birthdate: December 15
Favorite Animal: Flamingos (because they're pink!)
A Person I Admire: Ayden
Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Book: Princess
What I Do Well: Making crafts
What I like most about School: Playing at the Park
My Wish: I want to be a doctor when I grow up.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kail's Dance 'Recital'

Kail had a dance recital this weekend. Technically this was only the dress rehearsal, but being that the performance was on Sunday, we opted for the rehearsal only. Kail didn't know any different. . . she was so excited to dance on the big stage at the McCallum Theater and MOST excited that her Daddy was there to watch. She loved every minute of it! And of course we did too. . . I am not sure if I have ever smiled so much!


We just don't get it that often, so when we do we had to take a picture (or two!).

AZ Trip Continued

We had a little down time after the wedding festivities and so we did some shopping and playing with my mom, sis, and cousins. at the San Tan outdoor mall. Grandma took the kids to Build-a-Bear and spoiled them all. Good times.

Reagan's Wedding and our trip to AZ

Here are some pictures from Ryan's brother Reagan's wedding to Cassie Doane on May 15th. I am embarassed to say I don't have a single photo of the bride and groom. I guess I just figured that the photographer had it covered! The same goes for photos of Ryan and I. . . . we really were there! I guess just after taking all the family photos with the photographer, taking pics with my camera seemed unnecessary. Oh well. Once we get the family pics I'l have to post them. The wedding dinner and reception were both really beautiful. Here's pictures of the girls with their cousins Melanie and Colette, Gus and Moranda and Grandpa Smith.


Not really sure why I do this. . . . but now I have so much to blog about, it seems like I'll never get through it all. Get ready for a slew of posts. I've got a lot of pics and lots to report (unfortunately it's probably only going to be the Reader's Digest version)! Here's some pictures of the girls in the sprinklers. This was one of the evenings on our first of many days over 100 degrees. SO MUCH to look forward to. :)