Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time Out for Women

This past weekend my mom, sister Brooke and I went to Time Out for Women in San Diego. I know I really should just move there . . . two weekends in a row! Some of my favorites things about the trip:
- Wearing matching jammies and attempting to pose for the camera while giggling uncontrollably.
-Our HUGE hotel room. They upgraded us to the Presidential Suite and it was the biggest room I have ever stayed in. And did I mention beautiful?!
-Sitting in the lobby and watching all the Pi Beta Cappa girls come in with their prom dates in the tiniest dresses I have ever seen. Honestly the longest one was at least 4 inches above the knee.
-Coming home with gobs of books on ways to improve myself and my mothering skills.
-Finally finding the brown sweater to go with the dress I found for my bro in law's upcoming wedding. Who knew a sweater could be so hard to find?
-Driving to and from SD by myself. I made a couple of long uninterrupted phone calls and really, really just enjoyed silence.
-Leaving feeling really uplifted.
-Eating lots of yummy food I didn't have to cook.
-Knowing that my kids were having a great time too with their Dad (whom Kail affectionately proclaims is her favorite babysitter).


Brooke said...

Such a fun trip! Seriously why don't we do it more often? It was seriously a much needed and totally fantastic break!

Kim said...

I agree, it was a blast! Let's do something together this weekend...oh yeah, you'll be in AZ!haha Thanks Kod! It was so fun.

Shelly said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I'm glad you got to take a "Time Out". I'm also jealous that you found something cute to wear to the wedding. Ho, Hum, I guess I'll just make do with what I have.

Lillie said...

Are you moving and just afraid to tell me, it's like endless trips for you! Can you just suffer the heat with me already.

I'm so glad Time Out was so fun. How cute are you with your sister and mom?! I hope AZ is fun. You're missed as always. :) Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding.

Suzanne and Pat said...

So glad that I got to see Brooke and Kimmer (at least in a picture!). It brought a smile to my face! Loved reading about your weekend. Can't wait to see in you SD in July. YOu really are a traveling girl!