Tuesday, May 13, 2008

San Diego and our sick girl

It all sounded like such a great idea. My travel planning husband said, "Let's go stay in a hotel in San Diego for the night, watch the Red Bull air races, enjoy the San Diego weather and maybe even catch a few hours at Sea World." I of course said "Yes!" and off we went. The kids had been counting down the days and when we arrived, as promised, there was the 'magic bed'. Ryan had told Kail and Mia that there would be a really neat sofa that turned into a bed. I have never seen two girls get more excited over a sofa bed! Kail kept telling us how soft and comfortable it was. Ryan and I laughed as we tried it out. . . . sofa beds are only remotely comfortable. In fact, if given the choice, I might just choose the floor. But it was oh so exciting for them! Unfortunately about 4:30 am that sofa bed was where Kail started throwing up. Poor Kail. She continued all morning and into the afternoon. Needless to say, Kail and I didn't see any of the air race. We did order two in room movies and room service (I was the only one eating and it's not as much fun eating alone). I also finished The Hiding Place for book club while Kail slept. We obviously had the camera and so we have no documentation of Ryan and Mia and the air races. They had a super fun time (minor sun burns and all) and convinced us that we definitely need to go again next year. I think next time I will bring a board game or two, extra snacks and a couple of extra sets of clothes. . . . just in case.


Brooke said...

Poor girl, and I guess I should say girls, no fun for the both of you!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Before kids vs. after kids. Wasn't life boring back when you could predict everything?