Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dancing Queen!

Here's some quick pics I took of Kail on our way out the door to dance class pictures. She clearly loved every minute of wearing her gloves and necklace and of course the curly hair. I know that little boys are really fun and cute, but I sure do love little girls!

Camping Extravaganza

So we did it. . . . we took our girls camping for the first time last weekend. Our ward had a campout at Hurkey Creek, so we broke out the tent and sleeping bags and had a great time. Our camping highlights included:

-Smores - with pink marshmallows for Kail and Mia
-Tons of little girls in our ward which meant more friends to get dirty with
-Wearing long sleeves and jackets
-Yummy tin foil dinners thanks to Ryan's Eagle Scout skills
-Blow up air mattresses in our tent
-Beautiful trees and green meadows (and they weren't palm trees)
-A ginormous play structure with slides for the kids to play on
-Hand warmers in our pockets
-Hot chocolate
-Rosie (the dog) entertaining everyone
-The lovely campfire smell

Some of the lowlights included:
-20-30 degrees at night
-Only 3 sleeping bags and 4 people (and Mia apparantly doesn't like to cuddle)
-Sitting in the car, staring into the dark sky and just waiting for the sun to come up
-The nasty campfire smell

That being said we are definitely going again, just when it's a bit WARMER. I am told that the high is only 85 degrees in the summer and the fact that it's only 45 minutes away means we'll be visiting again soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Living Desert

Kail's preschool had a field trip to The Living Desert (our zoo) on Thursday. The girls loved it! I think their favorite part was the butterfly exhibit (mine too. . . it was indoors!). And of course they loved being with their little friends. It was overall a pleasant experience minus the meltdown by Kail at the end of the trip. I think we will not be heading there again until at least November. . . I can't believe how warm it's getting here ALREADY. And unfortunately for my kids, I'm not really a zoo person. . . (unless it's the San Diego zoo)!