Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt!

Kail's preschool had an Easter egg hunt which included a very exciting visit from the bunny himself. Kail was very selective and only wanted the pink eggs. She quickly realized that being selective was not the best strategy. . . .unfortunately by that time the eggs were gone. Fortunately for Kail, she has some really sweet friends who were willing to share (pink eggs or not!) The last photo is one from Easter egg hunt #1 that we did with friends on Monday night (thanks Kim, I borrowed this from your blog). It's hard to believe we have 2 more on the calendar before Sunday! (WAY too much candy!)


koko bean..... said...

I love your blog..Way cute. I am so gald we started to carpool. It has worked out so nicely. Have a great day.

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Such fun. So you finally sat down for your blogging marathon. Not that we have been checking everyday or anything. Well it was worth the wait. That was so cute with everyone running around. I love the faces in the cut outs AND that Mia was smiling in the picture.

Brooke said...

Wow, lucky ducks! Looks like so much fun and we wish we could have been there too! Glad you finally buckled down and got this blog updated!