Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our Very Merry. . . .

It's hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone. . . we sure did enjoy this one! The girls were such a fun age this year. They loved the anticipation of everything and were excited about every little detail. Here are some pictures of our 'Christmas Eve'. The Smith girls must have been extra good this year, because Santa made a special early trip to our house on the 21st. Notice how happy the girls look in their new pj's in front of the tree. It is very ironic as just moments before when they were asked to pose in front of the tree there was a small 'incident'. Kail held her arms out for Mia to come join her and Mia proceeded to run as hard as she could (line backer style) directly in to Kail. Kail fell into the tree, ornaments went flying and some whimpers were heard. We pulled Kail out of the tree and as you can see, they made up! Kail decided that Santa needed 'Jo-Joe's' from Trader Joe's (like oreos but with candy cane centers. . . if you haven't tried them, you MUST) and Christmas Milk (otherwise known as egg nog). The highlight of their evening was seeing Rudolph's nose outside on the balcony just prior to going to bed. Kail rushed into bed and immediately closed her eyes for fear that Santa would get here before she was asleep (and we all KNOW how bad that could be). She kept telling Mia to hurry up and get to sleep. It was pretty darn cute.

So Santa made it as you can see! We thoroughly enjoyed our day except for one minor glitch. It seems Santa decided to bring me a nasty cold (I haven't been as good as I should have this year). So after the presents were opened and the kids were enjoying a nap, I headed to urgent care and got a prescription. We had hoped to head to AZ on the night of the 22nd, but didn't end up leaving until the morning of the 24th. We had a great time with our families for Christmas. We were all spoiled! I wish I could say that I took some great pictures with them, but I didn't. We have really great memories though! We left AZ the evening of the 26th. It was such a fun trip and we are really lucky to have such wonderful families.

We added an unexpected member to the Smith household this trip. . . . meet Rosie, our new chihuahua puppy.

I've never been a dog person. I always had dogs growing up, but never thought I would as an adult.

This little puppy won my heart over and I am sure it was mostly because the girls loved her and just lit up when she came into the room. . . .so we went for it.Thanks again Grandpa Smith for bringing her home! I didn't really believe people when they said a puppy is like another kid. However, it is TRUE. It has been an adjustment for sure, but I think we're going to make it through! And she is really cute so it is making the accidents and the whining worth it (most of the time)!