Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kail's Hula Girl Party!

Kail turned 4 on the 15th of December. In celebration, she requested a 'Hula Girl' party. It's obviously not summertime, but we decided to go for it anyway! Here is a copy of the cute invitation that my sis Brooke put together. I just sent her the poem and the pic (which she took this summer) and she created this little lovely. Thanks Brooke!

Here are some photos of the party. The girls seemed to enjoy their hula skirts and leis and a few brave souls attempted the limbo. It was lots of dancing, giggling and CUTE girls! Our menu included hawaiian pizza, pineapple, veggies and dip, and a tropical punch with cupcakes for dessert. Who says you can't Hula in December? Happy 4th Birthday Kail!


Kim said...

That's a whole slew of girls!Reminds me of Rylee's parties when she was little, and believe me, the guest list grows as they get older!Sorry we live so far away that we missed the party :( But we will see you in 2 days!!!!!

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Keep those parties coming! My girls love, love, love them. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel warmer. Thanks for including us.

steph said...

What a cute idea! I showed Maci the pictures and she, of course, wants to do that when she turns 5. We almost did a swim party at the gym where they have an indoor pool, but I think this would be better. Who knows, I just might be giving you a call next year asking you what you did exactly.