Thursday, December 20, 2007

Preschool Party and Dance Class

Kail had a preschool party today. They sang six Christmas songs, ate breakfast and had a visit from Santa. Notice Kail is sitting on 'his' lap this time. Possibly because the Santa was very obviously female. Maybe the Santa suit only came in x-small? Kail very matter-of-factly explained to me that this was not the real Santa. And I of course agreed that this was just a helper (an unusual choice of helpers I must say, they must not have realized quite how observant 4 year olds are!).

We spent our afternoon at Kail's dance class. They invited the parents to come and see the dance they've been working on. It was really cute and Kail did great! (Now, if we can just get her to keep that tongue in her mouth. . . !)

Kail's Birthday!

Here's our sweet 4 year old opening some of her presents. We went to breakfast for pancakes and lemonade (Kail's favorites) and then opened presents.

Kail's Hula Girl Party!

Kail turned 4 on the 15th of December. In celebration, she requested a 'Hula Girl' party. It's obviously not summertime, but we decided to go for it anyway! Here is a copy of the cute invitation that my sis Brooke put together. I just sent her the poem and the pic (which she took this summer) and she created this little lovely. Thanks Brooke!

Here are some photos of the party. The girls seemed to enjoy their hula skirts and leis and a few brave souls attempted the limbo. It was lots of dancing, giggling and CUTE girls! Our menu included hawaiian pizza, pineapple, veggies and dip, and a tropical punch with cupcakes for dessert. Who says you can't Hula in December? Happy 4th Birthday Kail!

Happiest Place on Earth at the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We HAD to go again, there's snow now! The girls had a great time decorating cookies, seeing real reindeer at the "Reindeer Roundup", visiting with Santa and Mrs. Claus and seeing Sleeping Beauty's castle change into a winter wonderland with 'real' snow! We decided last minute to go with our friends Tabitha and Hallie and even though we both had lots of other things we needed to do, it was fun to do something we wanted to do! Good times.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

You better not pout I'm telling you why. . . .

Hooray for Santa! On a fire truck?! Apparantly his sleigh was in the shop. We spent the afternoon today at a Christmas party that the association in our neighborhood put on. Lots of fun for the kids - crafts, cookies, and candy canes. The highlight for sure was Santa and Mrs. Claus. Unfortunately for us, the anticipation was much better than the actual encounter!

Here we are anxiously awaiting the arrival. (Please excuse Kail's Pippi Longstocking outfit. I thought the heart tights were really cute when I bought them, just NOT paired with her favorite green dress. In Kail's defense there is the smallest amount of pink at the top of the dress, which in her mind justified the choice in tights. This was simply not a battle I was interested in fighting today, especially because she was so pleased with her choice!):

I was pleasantly surprised at how excited Mia was about Santa. She was waving and yelling "Hi Santa" at the top of her lungs (she sometimes has a problem with volume control). As we waited in line she kept saying/signing/gesturing as she does "I want a hug Santa!" It was really cute. Mia quickly became less enamoured with Santa when she thought I was abondoning her to his lap. This is, unfortunately, why I am in the picture. Here we are with the Claus family. . . .

I'll bet you are wondering where Kail is in the picture? Well, here she is sitting in the corner. She's not really sad or crying. . . . more like mad. I'm not really sure what Santa did to make her so unhappy, but I DO know there was no persuading her to stand in line (let alone sit on his lap)! Oh well.

Here's a picture of Mia saying "Bye Santa" as he left on the firetruck. At least one of them was happy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

UPDATE!!! (finally)

So I know it's been awhile. . . things have been busy (come on though it's December, what more can we expect!). However I realize I have made no mention of my lovely Thanksgiving and our trip to AZ. We spent 4 days in AZ and stayed with the Rogers; ate dinner with the Smith's. It was a really great time. We ate lots of yummy food, did some Christmas shopping with just the girls, played at the park, watched movies, made Christmas tags, and enjoyed being with family. I have a mere two photos that were taken of the trip from Thanksgiving Day. Here they are:

It's definitely Christmastime around our house. The girls are so excited about everything. We put our tree up last week and then we put up the lights outside yesterday for Family Night. Ryan bravely risked his life for the sake of the iscicle lights, but the final result was well worth it! I just love this time of year. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is turn the lights on the tree and the garlands on the stairs. I know I probably shouldn't, but I keep them on all day when I am home. It just makes me happy. I probably won't be happy when we get our bill for the month. . . . .

And just to back track a bit. . . this picture was taken the weekend before Thanksgiving. Ryan and I decided to tackle the daunting task of cleaning the garage (we decided that it was time as we have lived here since June and were only parking one car inside). So to keep the girls occupied, they put on their swim suits and went to town with the hose and blow up trampoline. I guess the desert has some perks. . . . . I am happy to say that we are officially wearing long sleeves (some days) and jeans. Ok, so the girls are mostly just wearing tights because it's hard for them to go a day without a skirt or dress. But it IS cooler, and that for that I am grateful.

Whew! So now I'm caught up. Time to wrap some presents!