Friday, November 16, 2007

Tagged x 3

So I have been tagged three times this week (I know, I know so popular) and decided I had better comply (I am not sure if the 'tag police' come after you or not, I am a little new to this). Here is my list of 7 unusual things about me:

1. I am really bad with directions. Ryan and I always joke that I didn't come with the 'internal compass' package. I just don't understand how people just KNOW which way north and south is. I have to think about it really hard. I have improved some, especially when I lived in LA and there were a zillion freeways to choose from, but it's still a struggle.

2. I can only wink with my right eye. My left eye has what's called a 'jaw winker' (weird I know) and looks like a lazy eye sometimes. It seems to have improved as I have gotten older, but it caused me lots of distress when I was a kid. Kids at school can be MEAN.

3. I LOVE to host parties or gatherings.

4. My least favorite chore at home is laundry. I really don't like all the folding and putting away and just when you think you're done. . . the laundry pile is huge again.

5. I have poor hearing in my right ear (all these ailments!). If I am laying in bed on my left side and someone tries to talk to me I have to lift my head up, or I can't hear. I've had it checked; it's not bad enough to need a hearing aid, just bad enough to be annoying.

6. I really enjoy change. I like a new haircut, a new furniture arrangement, a new house, etc. This is probably the reason that I have enjoyed moving 4 times in the past 4 years: new place, new people, new adventures. The only change I don't really like is a change in schedule (namely with the kids and naps, etc.), which leads me to the last item:

7. I really like schedules. I like knowing where I am going to be at 10am on Monday and planning out the week accordingly. I like having designated time for my kids and designated time for me. There is definitely room for flexibility, but I like knowing where I need to be and when well in advance. Which is why I always enjoy summer, but can't wait for Fall and the order that comes with it.

For the record, I am not tagging anyone else. I guess that's another unusual thing about me. I don't always enjoy playing games (especially Monopoly), and sometimes I quit.


Brooke said...

HEE HEE! Thanks for sharing. Maybe the direction thing is a Rogers thing because Rob tries all of the time to teach me NSEW and I cannot grasp it! What is wrong with me! BTW, I love the lazy's hot!

Kym said...

Even if you didn't like playing, it was great to hear about you. I've been tagged twice in the last two weeks, too. Guess I better get on that, huh? :)

And let's have a party already!!! You know I love a good one, too.

Holly said...

Kodi, you are so cute. I love the change thing. I really like change too (within reason.:))

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

You love putting on parties and you are awesome at it. How convieniant. You know I am always up for a party, as long as you let me bring something. (And the last few of yours I have been to have been great!)

I like your schedule issues. Sometimes people think I am all about control when it comes to coordinating all the girls schedules, but I NEED to know things in advanced. I like a week, I can handle a few days. That is actually THE secret to how I get so much done. I don't even comprehend how people live without planning that way. And it DOES give you the flexibility to add things in that come up. It is so nice that you understand that. I don't feel quite as obsessive as I did a few minutes ago.

carlee said...

you gave me a giggle Kodi! You don't fool me, you were the most popular and beautiful girl in school even with the lazy eye! My own hubbs even had a crush on you back in the school years! hee hee

Kelli said...

I am now laughing at Carlee's comment! Anyways, Kodi,you are amazing! I only wish I could come to one of your parties! I know you would put Martha to shame! I am with you on changing things up a bit. I guess I get bored if things stay the same for too long. Have a great Thanksgiving! Love and miss you.

Kim said...

Hey Kodi! Its Ry. I like the comment about Monopoly! I miss you guys already! Cant wait till Christmas and we can have fun all over again I love you!!

Brooke said...

Wow, you must rate to have Rylee fair! Update your dang blog, I am sick of reading you tag!

Brittney Smith said...

Loved the tag!! I know people hate doing them, but they are so much fun to read. I like schedules too!!

Lillie said...

Just wanted you to know I just read your tag-- every word. Pretty sure I already read it. But just didn't want you thinking I didn't find your crazy eye and ear and lack of compass interesting. You're the best!